• The Hour of Darkness
    At the furthest point just before the dawn rises.
  • The Root Within
    The upward growth, as we break the bonds of our limiting beliefs. As we find the root within.
  • The Pull
    A state of being, in complete awareness of your own being. Free from the pull of the world.
  • Transfiguration
    The never ending transforma from one to the other. The ever-changing life.
  • Transcendance
    As we transcend our limitations we are drawn by the upward pull of life. We transcend.
  • Inspiration
    The inspiration of your hearts desires compelled to meet your destiny. When you are completely inspired by your hearts desires.
  • Creation of Self
    Creation of self. Through the focusing of our minds we create our own destiny
  • Born Within Fire Female
    Within the fires of suffering, from the ashes the phoenix rises. I am born within fire.
  • Leap Within Faith
    In the expression of our heart's desires, we take the Leap within Faith.
  • Leap of Faith
    In our deep knowing we take the Leap of Faith, the expression of our heart's desires.
  • Born of Fire
    Within the fires of change, from the ashes the phoenix rises, I am Born of Fire.
  • Life's Wave
    As you align yourself to your life's purpose, you align to the wave of life. Life flows with you.